Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Casino Canberra is the sole licensed and regulated gambling facility in the Australian Capital Territory owned and managed by Aquis Entertainment, taking responsibly gambling seriously through their website by encouraging gamblers to seek help through the ACT Gambling and Support Service. They also feature an excellent restaurant as well as an exciting nightclub. Finally, their baccarat lounge provides the ideal spot for taking a break from playing games while enjoying fresh air with friends.

The newly renovated casino boasts over 200 slot machines or pokies for players to try their luck at. An agreement was reached in May 2016 between the venue and Chief Minister allowing it to offer these games after it closed for a $14 million makeover project.

On August 31, 2015 as part of the ACT Government’s Gaming Machine Reform Package, changes were introduced to the Gaming Machine Act that altered how casinos operated – such as implementing a new trading scheme for poker machines that requires casinos to treat each multi-terminal table game as its own poker machine for trading purposes and forfeit one in three of any machines bought from clubs instead of four as required under existing law.

Canberra Casino stands out from other casinos by providing unique gambling opportunities such as Canberra Poker – an alternative form of Texas Hold’em that’s played against the dealer – and Money Wheel, located right outside its main entrance – which has quickly become one of its most exciting attractions! When someone wins one of its prizes it generates much excitement and cheers of anticipation!

Casino Canberra has undergone a modern transformation to offer locals an inviting gaming experience that caters more closely to local tastes than tourists. Featuring contemporary design and modern facilities – such as its renovated Lotus Room for event bookings – as well as non-gaming offerings like Galaxy Retro Nightclub with eighties/nineties music until midnight; guests are invited to dress vintage attire for dancing the night away!

The newly renovated casino will also offer fully automated table games, similar to video poker but with the additional advantage that these allow gamblers to use their own electronic terminals without needing a casino employee for conduct of the game. Technology used for gambling has caused consternation among some opponents; for instance, Charles Livingstone from Monash University described them last year as potentially risky devices due to their ability to allow more continual and faster gambling. Attractive machines tend to be more addictive, he noted. Under the new rules of ACT’s Gaming Commission, casinos must operate the terminals in a secure area away from their main gaming floor, display prominent warning messages regarding risks of gambling addiction and provide customers with information regarding responsible gaming.