Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Canberra’s gambling history has entered a new phase, as the ACT government granted their casino permission to run 200 poker machines – breaking longstanding clubs’ monopoly over gaming in Canberra – and angering anti-gambling activists. Furthermore, this week’s legislation allows 60 fully automated table game terminals.

Andrew Barr, Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory, recently stated that before poker machines could be installed at Glebe Park Casino, “a prescribed stage” must first be achieved during its redevelopment plan. Aquis Entertainment unveiled its plans for an expansive $330 million revamp of Glebe Park site including hotels, shops and restaurants – plans which Andrew Barr could not disclose how long such work should take to complete.

In the past, the ACT government required that casinos undergo a social impact analysis and address other community concerns before being permitted to host poker machines. Furthermore, casino operators were expected to accept responsibility for problem gamblers; however, recent changes appear to have relaxed these expectations.

The Greens have proposed restricting machine play at the casino to $1 per spin, as opposed to $10 allowed in clubs, and for gamblers to precommit up front how much they are prepared to lose over 24 hours. They have also called for mandatory precommitment schemes similar to those implemented in NSW clubs. But Liberal Party gambling spokesman Mark Parton has criticised this change as giving an “enormous gift” to Labor-friendly clubs like Belconnen Soccer Club, Burns Club and Magpies.

Casino Canberra is situated at the heart of Canberra and provides multiple playing areas, from its multi-terminal gaming stadium, a pop Chinese experience, sophisticated Onyx Lounge & Chandelier Bar as well as luxurious day spa. Offering both electronic and live dealer games alongside big screen sports coverage as well as dining options – Casino Canberra provides something for everyone to enjoy!

Gambling in Australia is overseen by the Australian Capital Territory Gambling and Racing Commission, which issues licenses for operating gaming machines while setting minimum operating standards. Its primary function is regulating alcohol and tobacco sales, monitoring venue safety and security, and upholding antidiscrimination laws of the ACT. Furthermore, the commission oversees registration of individuals as gambling operators. The commission investigates reports of criminal activity at gaming facilities. Furthermore, they work closely with local governments in providing assistance and education that help combat harm caused by gambling-related activity. If you have concerns about yourself or someone close to you’s gambling habits, contact the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission or visit Gambling ACT’s website for additional assistance. Gambling problems can have severe repercussions that impact every aspect of life; if this is your situation it is vital that help is sought as soon as possible.

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